Because legalizing marriage won’t end homo/transphobia.

Because legalizing marriage won't end homo/transphobia.

“While marriage equality is absolutely an important goal for our movement, it is not the end. We are equal, but we are greater than just marriage and deserve respect above and beyond marriage equality” – Jacob Tobia

Also: I don’t believe marriage is a human right. It is a social/political/economic institution.

“- I disagree with the prioritization of marriage over other fundamentals (job discrimination, trans discrimination, homelessness, to mention a few)
– I have problems with how the mainstream lgbt movement tends to advance images of queer folks as white, cisgender, not economically struggling, able-bodied, non-immigrant, and not-otherwise-different folks. we are all different in each and every way.
– i take issue with the constraints of marriage as a historically defined way of preserving privilege
– etc.
– but i do see the pain that many LGBTQ folks (esp. our elders, who have weathered so much discrimination) have gone through in not having the option of marriage for their particular circumstance. while immigration reform stalls and splits apart same-sex binational couples, adoption and family laws are based on antiquated ideas of two-parent / biological families and remove children from LGBT parents, and so forth – the chant to reject marriage as providing any viable assistance to queer folks perhaps does not acknowledge just how incredibly conservative (based on notions of society from hundreds of years ago, anyone?) and unimaginative our laws are, and how slowly the law evolves. i seek more fundamental changes, but i am excited for those who have been waiting to have marriage as an option. no social justice movement is one-size-fits-all, and we are hopefully continuously expanding our theory of change.” –
Jonas Q. Wang