What do you think?

“JFK Entertainment strives towards the peace and understanding between peoples, cultures and civilizations throughout the world using the power of music.”


5 thoughts on “What do you think?

  1. …. You do know the controversial details about that massacre right? Including many pieces of evidence pointing straight to Aliyev unearthed by the previous president and top journalists? After all your Pro-Armenian words, how can you tar us with such an abominable brush when facts point to a deeper plot where the innocent payed the price?

    • We all know that if the Azerbaijani criminal government did not have so much to hide about what really happened that dark, gruesome day in Khojaly they like any other victims of crimes would of been to court and the guilty would have already been punished like the “Young Turk pashas” who were all found guilty and sentenced to death for the attempted extermination of the Armenian population back in 1915 – so there idea of justice is torture the Armenian people even more over this sad tale. They need to shut up already and stop exploiting their own people as cheap publicity.

  2. Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. I am not well versed on the Nagorno Karabakh conflict and I admit that I should have done some more research on what happened in 92, especially after copying the videos biased description. It’s not the duty of the oppressed to teach the oppressor, but would you two mind sending me some links on the conflict, and other important history I should know? Tamar, there is a ton of links on your site, so I’ll definitely check them out; my history on Armenia isn’t that sharp.

    And I’d like to mention one more thing. This video definitely exaggerated the conflict in a biased way and pulled out the victim card. On the other hand, I do like listening to what they have to say (though atrocities/displacement were committed against us Both) so I can see where they are coming from. And I am definitely Pro-Armenian because I am Armenian! I’m also pro-justice and peace and would rather witness both sides confessing against their crimes to come to a point of neutrality and understanding. I believe that all forms of occupation and colonization should be resisted, just like colonialism in America, Canada, Armenia and Palestine. (But of course, I don’t know the full history of the Karabakh conflict, nor do I know of possible conspiracies and secrets that are silenced today— I’d like to, though.) I also believe that a government should openly and unbiasedly admit its crimes against humanity, but who am I kidding that doesn’t happen when people are power addicts. In whatever case or nation, I will always side with the oppressed. Justice before Nationality hopefully leads to peace. This is true for Azeris too.

    Btw, I heard on (American!) radio that the Azeri novelist Akram Aylisli who wrote that “pro-Armenian” book, Stone Dreams, is basically under deep shit for it. They’re protesting outside of his house, burning his books, and the government offered thirteen thousand dollars to whoever will cut his ear off. (I just got an idea, wouldn’t it be neat to stage a protest for him?) Back to the point, I think this shows two really neat things. One, the Azeri government is indeed fucked up and this reveals their social instability, and two, both Azeris and Armenians need to step up

    “The author hopes it’s a step toward peace, as long as the Armenians do the same.”

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