Armenian Uprising! Recap

In the past several days, the Armenians have risen from their shackles and ripped the thread that bound their mouths. This revolution is a slow process, but it is happening.

From Glendale, CA, to Yerevan, Armenia, we are rising.

1. Hey Bro, don’t take our TV away.


On Saturday, Feb. 9th 2011, Armenians in glendale staged a protest against the termination of Armenian “Horizon TV” and together initiated a “Save Horizon TV Task Force” to “chart out the legal and other elements of the recent decision by Charter Communications, Inc. to arbitrarily yank Horizon Armenian Television off its Charter lineup effective February 19, 2013… Earlier this month, the management of Horizon Armenian Television was notified by Charter Communications that the channel that has been serving the Armenian community for more than two decades… Horizon Television was the first Armenian-language channel to become part of the Charter lineup with a 24-hour channel in 1999 and was chosen by the corporation because of its deep roots and its demonstrated service to the community.”

This conviction by far isn’t the most ambitious one, but Armenians tend to clench on to whatever piece of culture we have left. Mashallah for taking initiative.

2. Wounded Armenian Candidate Will Not Delay Presidential Election


Pro-Western Armenian presidential candidate Paruyr Hayrikyan is hospitalized after being shot twice on January 31st, a month ahead of the election. Hayrikyan initially claimed he would not delay the election; just two days later, he requested to postpone it for an additional two weeks. The voting date is currently not set. “This proves that the government of Sargsyan is unable to control the situation inside the country.” Always stick with three bullets, not two.

3. Prez. Candidate – “STOP FAKE ELECTIONS”


Presidential candidate Andrias Ghukasyan has also been hospitalized, except this time for a hunger strike lasting longer than 17 days, which began during the first day of the presidential election campaign in Armenia. “He demands that the Central Electoral Commission of Armenia invalidate the registration of Armenia’s incumbent President Serzh Sargsyan as a presidential candidate. His second demand is that international observers leave Armenia.” After physicians examined his poor health, this badass motherfucker refused to go the the hospital. “Ghukasian has a sign that says “Stop fake elections“…He’s calling on other candidates to quit the race in order to leave the incumbent without a challenger and make the poll illegitimate. The Central Election Commission has rejected his demands.”

4. Two Bros Arrested for Attempted Assassination against Paruyr Hayrikyan (lolz)


“Khachatur Poghosyan, born in 1966 residing in capital Yerevan with no legal status, having no certain occupation, previously convicted for illicit drug trafficking, second arrested was Albert Harutyunyan, born in 1972. As National Security Service informed Armenpress, Poghosyan and Harutyunyan gave confession testimony refer to assassination attempt. Crime motivations are being checked, the public will be regularly informed about the progress of the investigation.”

5. Azeris worried about presence of Syrian Armenians in Karabakh

“Azerbaijani activists have expressed serious concern about the resettlement of Syrian Armenians, who are fleeing the bloody warfare in Syria, in Nagorno-Karabakh, Azerbaijani territory occupied by neighboring Armenia, saying it will negatively affect both the peace talks between Armenia and Azerbaijan and the post-conflict timeline. “The resettlement of Syrian Armenians in Azerbaijan’s occupied territories will not only obstruct the negotiation process, which is at an impasse, but also will surely have negative effects in the future after the post-conflict period, when Azeri refugees and internally displaced persons [IDPs] will go back to their homelands,” Rashad Aliyev, a young activist from Azerbaijan, said to Sunday’s Zaman, adding that the resettlement of Armenian refugees from Syria in territories that are already a source of conflict is illegal.” Read more, period. — (

6. Another Armenian guy by the name of Armen “Pzo” Kazarian is sentenced to prison for 37 months for his “his role in a $100 million Medicare fraud enterprise.” Jee whiz, what a surprise!

7. This is of no relevance to anything, but Armenia’s president really can’t be taken seriously. He looks like the biggest pothead I have ever seen, but a more mummified, trollish stoner. Happy Monday, everyone!

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