I was outside of a coffee shop today and a young white male said I am pretty and I don’t know it, pointed at my “scarf” and told me to take it off. “Can I see your hair? Please?!” I backed away several times and he kept moving towards me. “Oh, like is it a religious thing?” His friend said. Yes, I guess it is “a religious thing.” 

Don’t fucking touch my hijab. 


6 thoughts on “Hijab

  1. You can’t teach all people good matters. I was taught my a Mexican/Ojibwa father. Don’t disrespect no-one. I believe what we hold important is different for the all of us. Keep distance and hold respect from people you do not know. I like the ending to your thoughts.

  2. Yea, that is unfortunate. Your father seems to be a wise person. It is just very frustrating when people feel they have the right to interrogate and dominate you. Do as I say! It won’t hurt anybody.

  3. That is scary! “Can I see your hair, please?!” – Who the hell has the nerve to say that?! Yikes. I’m glad his friend was there to sort of reel him in.

    • I know, right? Well, a drunk and queer white male.. I guess he was trying to be nice by telling me that “You’re gorgeous. And you don’t know it, no she doesn’t know it.” I didn’t know my hijab was a frame to display my face for other peoples’ critique!

  4. this thing happen to me, once.. the guy jz freaked me out.. perhaps they thinks hijab is for a fashion and can simply touch it

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