“For me, the Keffiyeh is more than just a symbol. The Keffiyeh is a story, a peoples’ story, their history, their struggle, their very culture, their very heritage and of course, their identity and their given roots. There is so much to see and say within a simple garment known as the Keffeyeh and for some a scarf is not just a scarf, even though sometimes one may want to simply see a cigar as just a cigar. Symbolism is a fundamental conceit of human history, it has been present in holy scriptures to events off the likes of the “snake” persuading man to bite, chew and swallow a forbidden fruit.”

“Do you even know what that means?”

In the summer of 2010 I was invited to perform at a few festivals. One of the fests I was invited to drop conscious grassroots political hip-hop had me travel by bus and taxi which was no biggie for me. Despite such givens after eleven hours of straight traveling from Montreal, I finally reached the fest in which an Arab teenager in Hijab immediately confronted me on my Keffiyeh.

In essence, I use the vocabulary word “confront” due to her approach towards the scarf that was clad over my left shoulder. Not knowing who I was, the teen, wrapped in her hijab, asked, “do you know what that means?” I was actually pissed by her approach. Undeniably, I dont wear something unless I know why I am wearing it and what the story and significance is of this given garment. Moreover, I was in no mood to be…

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