“This one is dedicated to the dreamers
Most people see things that are there and ask why
Dreamers, see things that aren’t there and ask why not
I’m dreamin’ with you.

I once knew a girl who on the surface was as solid as a rock
Future full of promise and mind seemed stronger than a ox
Face of beauty and a tongue was as honest as it got
That wasn’t what is was, problem rock bottom she was lost
I couldn’t see this sweet genius was full of secrets
Full of demons that pulled her deeper in this pool of leeches
Confused by the news, I was bruised when they told me
It concludes to the truth, was she consumed by the loneliness?
She was a true queen, nothing like Elizabeth
Often caught her starin’ into space with a distant look
Considerate but detached from others even when intimate
Now I’m searchin’ for answers I’d never find in a book
Last time I saw her, before the day she took her life
I wish I fixed her pain, I shoulda, coulda, woulda tried,
But I took it personally and turned to leave,
And to this day I’m still haunted by the words she screamed…

Sometimes I really really hate myself
Sometimes I wish that I could change myself
Sometimes I don’t wanna give no more
And sometimes I just don’t wanna live no more
Sometimes I don’t know where to go for help
Sometimes I don’t really know myself
Sometimes I wish that I could fly away
And find away to a brighter day.”


This song is my escape when I feel like giving up.
Lowkey has been a tremendous help with…


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