Zahra’s Paradise

Zahra's Paradise

I previously posted a video on this graphic novel, Zahra’s Paradise, but I found its’ first page online- which is what initially attracted me to the book. As we know, Iran is predominantly Islam, and is further occupied by a widespread Armenian diaspora. On the first page, the character Mariam is the main character’s best friend. She is Christian and Armenian, as seen by the huge cross she proudly wears around her neck. While she is a Christian and the main character is Muslim, Mariam loves to chain smoke and drink- a lot. And this resonated with me a lot.

Mariam reminds me of my own mother, who always wears an colossal golden cross around her neck, yet smokes and drinks like no body’s business. Further, she doesn’t understand the significance and righteousness of Islam. It’s more honorable to be a devout Muslim than be a contradicting Christian.


One thought on “Zahra’s Paradise

  1. Both Muslim and the Christian belief. Don’t force your belief on another. Set the example and show the people the good way. I believe we need kindness and love to lead the way. Hate and war. The contractors of war get rich off the nations in war. War is a business. Human life is not the concern of the rich men. Look at the beautiful cities of Iraq. Ancient building destroyed by guns and men with no thoughts. Why? No real answer except a excuse for war and profit. The common people must be heard or it doesn’t matter if you are a Muslim or a Christian. Must stop the eye for a eye world. One day our children will pay for our foolishness.

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