“I don’t suppor…

“I don’t support two states, I don’t recognize ethno-religious supremacy, and I don’t believe in compromising on equal rights. It is not rigid to demand the right of return, it is not unreasonable to challenge racist laws, it is not radical to reject apartheid. The rights of Palestinians are not optional items on a menu. Basic dignity, freedom & equality are worth fighting for.”

― Remi Kanazi 


3 thoughts on ““I don’t suppor…

    • Yes, beautifully said. And especially by Americans and Armenians, who should fight with Palestinians because of our history close with genocide. And your view on hypothetically defending your home unfortunately isn’t how the US and Israeli government… they call that terrorism.. even if you have no weapons.

      • Rachel Corrie was killed trying to protect a hospital. A christian woman with no gun. It is sad when places in our world need human shields. Israel said she was a terrorist. Many places in this world have great concern. Many had died and the Press tried to downgrade. The world told Israel to stop. Like my country. USA need to respect the ancient countries and all people. Israel will stop or cause a world war. I pray for the safety of all children. Need less mad men and beserkers running our world.

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