Humanizing murder.

Human Rights in Turkey

Turkish Anti-Racism Poster

The spate of attacks on Armenians in Istanbul is now receiving considerable attention in the press and among advocacy groups in Turkey.  While initially covered in only the Armenian press, mainstream media outlets are now addressing the issue.

Moreover, anti-racism groups, like Durde, and human rights organizations like the IHD have launched a public campaign, including a rally today (January 27) in Samatya, the neighborhood where most of the attacks have taken place.  (Video here, in Turkish).  Opposition parties have also begun to raise questions about the attacks in Parliament.

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  1. Yes this has gone on quite long enough – from Genghis Kahn to the Ottomans right to the genocide of barely a hundred years ago. You have prompted me to send an email to my local Member of Parliament – weak I know but…

    Check out your local library for ‘Skylark Farm’ by Antonia Arslan. A beautiful but sad chronicle of one woman’s experience during the 1915 ‘ethnic cleansing’.

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