Queering the Singularity

On Sunday I participated in the anti-police-brutality contingent of the local Martin Luther King, Jr. Day celebration. While the fact that the mounted cops were carrying bokken unnerved me, I enjoyed marching with comrades and family members of police shooting victims. The event’s official speakers illustrate in dizzying clarity the ascendant political-affective order of liberal multiculturalism, an ideology prides itself in its inclusion and diversity. I started my escape from the plaza as soon as a colonel from nearby Kirtland Air Force Base began professing eir support for King’s dream; an ROTC band had played and the national anthem was being sung by the time I got out of earshot. The 2013 U.S. military positively embraces King as a symbol of American exceptionalism, with the Air Force going so far as to claim that ey would be proud of the nuclear Global Strike team. As long as each recognized…

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