“Mind if I ask why you had doubts about the validity and credibility of Marxism?”

“I have a rather…chaotic history in the left. I got my marxist education from formal trotskyists as well as their organizational discipline, then I quit that organization to join a horizontal anti-capitalist student group, then after that org dissipated, I participated (on the periphery) of a QPOC (Queer People of Color) political art collective, and now I have spent the last year researching, writing political theory in the hopes of beginning a new organization that is horizontal and can be replicated by anyone anywhere, without hierarchy.

Marxism, I feel for many leftists, is treated as the holy grail of revolutionary consciousness (for good reason in some cases). at the same time, I feel like it is treated as a shortcut or an excuse for narrow non-holistic political analysis,”Class-reductionism” being the common term for this unfortunate trend. So, in attempting to lay the foundation of something new, I am very much afraid of projecting the same failures I witnessed in the organizations i came in contact in my life, as well as the historical mistakes i read about.

There is a thin line between discipline and dogma, and i feel it is difficult to present marxism in a way that is non-threatening, accessible, and apart from the arrogant applications of privileged white activists. At the same time, I believe framing marxism as a PARTIAL analysis is an honest representation. Indeed, it proves invaluable for the revolutionary concerned with the economic failings of capitalism, but it must also be supplemented by other disciplines of critical analysis. My doubts, in this sense, represented my trepidation around considering myself a “marxist” which I believe I am (among other things) with these conflicts in mind.

I hope that answered your question!

In Solidarity,

(via Wageslaverebellion.tumblr.com)


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