Land of Ararat

Tanaat, Gladzor Cross-stone

It’s been few months since we have parted. I left you because I had to go, albeit for an important reason and knowing that every day spent away from you will be a lost day. My heart aches because I feel you bleeding, as if, for so many years, you have not bleed enough. You have lost your best to genocide and war, and now you are plagued by the darkness which seems infinite. You are being deserted by your own people who appear to have lost faith in you, who rather live among strangers in the foreign land than to stay and fight for your well being. And if few of them return, it is only because they have been pushed out by a mortal danger.

Almost hundred years ago our entire race was nearly exterminated, partly thanks to backstabbing and betrayal by our own kin. Turks, who hated…

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