Lately I’ve been thinking about race-relations in Burbank and I can’t help but remember something that happened when I was in High School. It was my Jr. year and we were playing our hometown rivals, Burbank High. While there have always been different chants and tactics to kill another team’s moral this experience was especially poignant. I think we were up a few points and the game was almost over, maybe there was a foul or something, but I remember our entire side started yelling, in unison: “GO BACK TO GLENDALE.”  Because Burbank High has a sizable percentage of Armenian students,  because Glendale has a large Armenian population, and because we were assholes, we thought this was clever, hilarious and completely appropriate at the time. In hindsight, it was actually quite fucked.

Why do American people Hate Armenians? (In Glendale)

I walk across the cheesecake factory, in Americana, and i hear “typical Armenian…

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