How Many Martyrs Does it Take?

s_i26_99329204How Many Martyrs Does it Take?

-Protesters react as Indian police officers use a water cannon to disperse them near the India Gate as they protest against the gang rape and brutal beating of a 23-year-old student on a bus last week, in New Delhi, India, on December 23, 2012. The attack last Sunday has sparked days of protests across the country. Thousands gathered to protest against current rape laws and government handling of recent rape cases all over India.-

How many daughters, mothers, sisters, or protesters does it take to end the demonization of the female body? How many more victims or deaths does it take to finally ensure the safety of someone to go home, knowing that a foreign organ won’t be stabbed inside of her? How many young girls have to be shot in the head for all women to have access to education? How many young black men have to die from the justification of their skin color?

New Delhi is a global inspiration and a lesson for both rapists (and murders, puppets, police and authoritarians) and first-world people; I hope the dominos fall onto our soil and break the barriers of silence and apathy. We, the people, can never be silenced.


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