Blue Collared Scholars

Blue Collared Scholars

“In a town not big enough for ego to breathe

You plead unity but never build the bridges between

And if you travel to the next town

You might find that shit’s surprising

They all act just like us

Carrying the legacy of people divided

Plagued by infighting and tight knit surviving

People on the outside look and write about it

Choose the safe route to fit they own palate

Ignore the rest at the same time the rest get restless

And blame it on the other’s success

It gets twisted

Crab in a barrel existence

Where no amount of noise make the powerful listen

Power’s within us all, pistols are drawn

We about to shine like Mr. Sinister’s arm

And the songs that they sold to the devils are gone

We all vagabonds, home is whatever we stand upon

Take a picture, they’ll last longer

I think they forgot that songs last forever

It’s a whole lot of cheddar at the top now

Fuck tryna climb up, let’s bring the top down.

— Blue Scholars

MC Geologic is damn sexy.


One thought on “Blue Collared Scholars

  1. Either love it or leave it, indeed I’m giving credit to the fam who believed it
    Don’t front, ask a question, stay humble, do your thing
    But just remember you ain’t gotta prove a thing
    Stand up or fall down thanks for listenin’ y’all

    Because I, got your back even if you don’t got mine

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