Armenian Education in America Revisited: Implications of an Emerging Racial Identity

“Racial identity in this presentation will be conceptualized in terms of:  (a) the Armenian American’s perception of belonging to a group of people who share a unique cultural heritage that is passed from one generation to the next… ; and (b) a racial identity formation that occurs within the context of overt and covert societal racism and oppression.

Helms’ (1995) People of Color Racial Identity Attitude Theory resolves that the experiences of African Americans, Asian Americans, and Latinos/as reflect those of all people of color in the United States. This suggests that Helms’ theory is also applicable to Armenian Americans.

It becomes obvious that an important aspect in the definition of Armenian Americans has been overlooked; namely, the role that prejudice, oppression, and racism have played in the development of the Armenian American’s racial identity. ”

By Viken Yacoubian


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