12 Epic Moments of 2012 (That Won’t Ever Repeat).

1. Becoming Homeless and Living in my pick-up truck, while attending a university full time.

2. Hitching a free bus ride to Chicago for a several day protest against the NATO Summit to end the war on Arabs. I had ten dollars and no phone. I had my few things stolen, and was forced to smoke weed an crack after an accusation that I was a “cop.” I led some marches and was injured in many of them; my girlfriend at the time had a panic attack right in front of the police line!

3. Living in a co-op and learning how to cook and dumpster dive.

4. Attending to an Anarchist Book Fair and BASTARD (Berkeley Anarchist Study Group) in Northern California, and a FTP mini-riot in Oakland.

5. Things too inappropriate to mention.

6. Getting arrested for protesting against gentrification.

7. Dropping out of college.

8. Taking some neat, intensive classes at UCLA!

9. Becoming Armenian.

10. Occupying everywhere, organizing protests, and living “freely.”

11. Submitting my UC Application with an essay revised only by me.

12. Getting a pomegranate tattoo on my arm during my internship! I actually really regret it.

Okay… I need to add a few more! 🙂

13. Interning at a farmed animal sanctuary in Northern California, where I changed my life. I also took a lengthy Amtrak ride for my first time!

14. Attending several conferences- Real Food Challenge at UC Santa Cruz, and the Armenian Progressive Politics Conference (<– whaaat?!)

15. Tattooing myself (on my toes, ankle, and other random spots) and others. They all came out really awful, but they have character.

16. Attending a weird, uncomfortably exclusive camping trip hosted by a white, Los Angeles- based bicycle cult. The feds joined us.

17. Hosting a feminist/animal rights music show for a college radio station!

18. Quitting smoking cigarettes and becoming flexibly “straight- edge.”

19. Gender experimentations.

20. Getting over the death of my father.

Ghetto-Fob-ulous I felt cute today; I’m beginning to “dress” like a “woman” again, whatever that means. New year, new confidence! I am blessed to have defined
my Armenian identity, because without a strong (ethnic/racial/other) identity, I lived each day with insecurity as an “other.”


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