The Antithesis of Evil

1. Listen to ridiculously happy music, of course more creepy-happy oriented. 

For example: The Inventor’s Daughter by The Cog is Dead off of Steam Powered Stories. Anything related to Steampunk usually has the power to lift your spirit back up as you can reinvent your world. The Dresden Dolls (listen to the song Sing) are great because they’re very articulate. And Blue Scholars usually lifts me up because they’re a mesh of the hard truth and an “lol, things happen” attitude.

2. People Perception 

Wrong: People are innately better than me. Let me study them some more to see what I could have done but didn’t do. I am a failure.
Right: (Laughter) That person.. so great/ entertaining part of my world. They send a great message to the world, and more people should listen.

3. Vegan Orange Chicken

Treat yourself as if you were a mother feeding her toddler. You wouldn’t put shit on a toddler’s plate, now would you? I hope not. But get a good mixture of awesome things like a bomb kale salad (however you like it) some garlic Naan and tea. Why? Cos you deserve it, fool.

4. Candles

They make everything better. Light one, or a bunch, a few times each day instead of electricity. See how it inspires you.


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