Can You See the Invisible Privilege In this Video?

Nathan Runker is the founder and Executive Director of one of the best known animal rights organizations, Mercy for Animals. Respectable, right? This white guy clearly has his head screwed on straight and is reputedly pioneering the Animal Rights movement. So I did a bit of research on this icon to figure out how he gained his success.

Lo and Behold, I did not find much- not on Wikipedia or his Biography page on the Mercy for Animals site.  –

Something worth mentioning, firstly, is the generic rhetoric he uses. Oftentimes, when Animal Rights “activists” are given the opportunity to answer questions like ‘what made you go vegan?’ they offer responses that portray themselves as a prodigy-like martyr who has some special and inherent “connection” with animals, and who has more of a heightened sense of compassion than the average person. After all, he was “born” with it. Further, Runker’s initial testament for going vegan, after having witnessed a piglet being slammed, is quite the serious and heartfelt story. He might even be the brave, poor old Harry Potter of this movement.

Why is this type of rhetoric detrimental? Bullshit #1:  It assumes that a vegan is a majestic, wizard-like individual who was born with a special, more enlightened, compassionate, and connected relationship with animals than the rest of the human population. This attitude already eliminates a majority of people who weren’t “born” with a burning love for animals, or even grew up with them. This leads to Bullshit #2. These compassionate stories are bologna. You can look at ‘ethical’ veganism from a logical standpoint: a. Torturing animals is fucked up. Mostly everyone agrees on this. b. Veganism is proven to be healthier for you. Sounding better. c. Veganism is awesome for the environment. Duh.

Alright, so it is determined that you don’t have to be a special type of person to go vegan. Now, it is more inclusive and comprehendible for everyone.

You say, cut the shit and go vegan? I say cut your shit and shut the fuck up.


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