My Very First Girlfriend.

I’ve always had a grand idea of what a relationship with a woman I loved would be. It includes cuddling- lots of cuddling, as I imagine it to be the primary form of physical contact- while watching dorky films and drinking hot chocolate, then waking up bra-less in a white v-neck and… possibly boxers as I prepare my love some gourmet home-lovin-cookin. Lots of hand-holding and ‘not gay as in happy but queer as in fuck you’ PDA. Then all my friends would deem me cunt-whipped because I take her out to places I’d actually never go to, but I’d have a blast only since she is all I would see. Large dogs are play a huge factor into this. Regular trips to the dog park, hikes, lakes, walks, love, cuddling, grooming, clothing… Large dogs are the children of lesbians. In fact, I prefer animals over babies- who wouldn’t?


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