I Need a Cigarette.

On rare occasions will I leave my pack of Capri cigarettes at home. When I want to revolutionize and strengthen my inner self, all I have to say is “I love myself.” Quite radical words, indeed. And I do not smoke. But who am I kidding; this never actually happens. Rather, I say “F*ck, I need a cigarette. I can’t do this.” and continue feeling miserable, physically immobile, pathetic and dependent. Sometimes, that slow inhale of death- which you’ve always thought about in a DIY sense, but too rooted in this world to finish- is worth that small, reflective moment of a final breath. In reality, I’m essentially saying that I hate myself- that I don’t deserve to live a


One thought on “I Need a Cigarette.

  1. It can get hard, but never think you are not worth it. You need to realize your own self worth and you need to fix the inside you before your life can fall into place.You have to fight through. You have to be concious of changing your attitude and the way you approach and word personal and professional situations. You are capable, I believe you are, but that wont get you anywhere… You have to believe you are. YOU, it all comes down to Y.O.U.

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